Damat Factory

Damat Machinery

  • All machineries and sewing technology in Damat industrial unit are from Germany, Italy, and Japan.
  • The machineries used in this industrial unit are among the best sewing machines in the field of suits and shirts in the world. Machineries manufactured by companies such as PFAFF (Germany), DURKOPP ADLER (Germany), INDUPRESS (Germany), JUKI (Japan), CONTI COMPELET (Italy), ASS (Germany and Japan).
  • In sewing suits, a special machine is used for each part.
  • For sewing each part of the suits, special needles are used, which have an important effect on durability and quality. It is necessary to mention that all 40 kinds of needles used in sewing are among the best brands in the world.


Consumed materials Damat iran

  • All materials consumed in Damat products such as different kinds of hair pads, adhesive pads, linings, yarns, buttons, zippers, etc. have been produced with high quality materials by prestigious global brands.
  • Lining (AC.T - TWILL), Japan
  • Various types of hair pads (KOFNER), Germany
  • Various types of adhesive pads (KUFNER&FRUDBEREG), Germany
  • More than 20 types of yarn including the best yarn in the world, (GUTERMANN), Germany, have been used in our products, which has an important effect on the durability and the quality of clothing.
  • Button (Turkey)
  • Zipper (Germany)

It is necessary to mention that all materials used in our products are being evaluated in the organization’s laboratory and we always use the best.



Personnel Damat iran

  • All supervisors and managers of Damat production unit have been trained by foreign professionals and they are among the best and most expert modelers and designers in production and quality in Iran.
  • All personnel have been trained under the supervision of the training experts in sewing and designing haute couture, management, and quality assurance in continuous periods.