About Us

Damat History

Having new ideas and thoughts about men’s clothing design, Damat Esfandiar clothing industrial production unit has been established in 1985. During these years, through effort, experience, the use of the today’s science and technology in the field of clothing, personnel training, and benefiting from capable and committed staff, we have been able to take supreme steps in the field of design, haute couture and services in accordance with international standards.


The quality policy statement Damat

Products quality and customer satisfaction have been among the first priorities of Damat organization. Selling is not the end of our job but the beginning. The only cause for the market share increase is the costumers themselves. In order to benefit from the products and services quality, we have implemented the quality management and the quality assurance. We implement and follow up the design and modeling management with global prestigious companies, based on our compatriots’ taste. We appreciate the staff training and their participation in the success of our organization in achieving our goals, and strive to promote it. Commitment to understand and implement the quality management system based on today’s global standards, would bring a future filled with prosperity to us, our customers, and the whole Iranian society.